TheraSync is a web application for managing and tracking therapy programs in a school-based setting. It features a secure note-taking tool, a flexible scheduling system for navigating complex daily activities, and a robust analytics engine for monitoring progress and tracking goals.

At its core, TheraSync delivers an intuitive note-taking experience, organizing all session notes in a secure repository and streamlining report writing. It offers a mighty scheduling engine to manage multiple meetings, enabling busy therapists to plan their day efficiently. It automatically reminds therapists about various tasks and action items needed to progress toward IEP goals. The system also features a real-time insight dashboard showing KPIs to measure progress. With TheraSync, administrators and special education staff members can monitor caseloads and check status anytime, anywhere.

TheraSync has been designed for the unique needs of physical, occupational, speech therapists, and special education staff. The platform was developed by a team of expert pediatric therapists and product leaders with 20+ years of industry experience.

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