Empowering Children with Special Needs

For millions of children around the world, education remains a distant dream. At Welldom, we believe that children must have access to quality education, equal opportunity, and an environment where they can thrive. Our founders grew up around children with special needs. Every day was an opportunity to learn and contribute. They felt the pain and saw firsthand that education, the right coaching, and a treatment plan could completely transform a child’s life. Drawing upon real-life challenges, our founders advocate for children with disability, autism, or additional needs.  

The Welldom team recognizes that finding the right therapist and program is challenging. Parents have to jump from one provider to the next. Multi-disciplinary therapy programs are even harder to find. We understand the frustration of parents as well the school districts. That's why we have teamed up with highly-skilled therapists to bring you the best talent in pediatric therapy, specialists in Physical, Occupation, and Speech Therapy.

Our mission is to empower children with special needs. We exist to serve children with neurological, orthopedic, medical, developmental, speech, and language delays. And we are committed to making parent’s experience better. Our core values are empathy, respect, accountability, and transparency. We are just starting and will not stop until we reach our goal - to make a difference in our communities, unleash potential and transform lives, one child at a time.